Dirt Road Cloggers



Connie Moser, Mark Wilson, Bailey Godwin, Brittani Armstrong, Donna Lofton, Susie Tomalewski.
Those standing with people in front of them, left to right:  Nancy Duda, Gerry Schmitt, Reid Lofton, Ted Tomalewski



The Cloggers

This is just part of the Dirt Road Cloggers poseing for the fans

The Cloggers

The Dirt Road Cloggers are a group of dancers who enjoy dancing to live music.  The ages of the dancers range from 10 years old up to 64.  The Dirt Road Cloggers are both a traditional clogging group performing old time figures to live music and a contemporary clogging group doing precision line dance clogging to current day songs.

Cloggers Dance Moves

Dirt Road Cloggers and some of there dancing moves